Sprained Finger

Sprained Finger Treatment


  • Finger dislocations and knocks are often referred to a sprained finger.  These are common in ball sports where a player or a ball disrupts the ligaments or the tendons in the finger joints.  The finger can be bent backwards or sideways and may or may not be able to be put back in place.  This might result in a volar plate ligament, mallet finger or collateral ligament injury that is best treated by a hand therapist.  If it is not treated it can result in a stiff and deformed finger that may not be functional.


  • Mallet finger is the result of a rupture of the extensor tendon at the tip of the finger. It is usually caused by forced flexion of the tip or a laceration. A small splint can help fix the deformity.

What is Finger Dislocation:

Finger Dislocation is when the joint is knocked out either by a ball or a force.  This damages the ligaments (volar plate) and can lead to a flexion deformity.  Early splinting and treatment can prevent this.


  • Trigger Finger & Trigger Thumb Injury: Thickening of a tendon that causes it to ‘catch’ when bending and straightening your finger/thumb. If caught early this can be treated simply with a small splint.


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