Sports Injuries

What Conditions Do We Treat?


  • Skier’s Thumb is caused by a strain or tear in the ligament that supports the thumb joint. It often occurs due to a sudden hyperextension (backwards) force to the thumb.  It is common in football, basketball and netball but most often happens skiing when the ski pole gets jammed against the thumb.  Early treatment with a splint is best.
  • Mallet finger is the result of a rupture of the extensor tendon at the tip of the finger. It is usually caused by forced flexion of the tip or a laceration.  A small splint to hold the tip straight can be worn for sport.
  • Tennis Elbow is a common pain on the outside (lateral epicondyle) of the elbow that is sometimes associated with Tennis.  More often it is a repetitive injury that can be caused by over use of the wrist.  Treatment includes splinting for the pain and slowly strengthening to return to function.
  • Golfers Elbow is characterised by pain on the inside (medial epicondyle) of the elbow. It results from over use of the muscles that bend the wrist or by repetitvely bending and straightening the elbow.  It can be treated with splinting, massage and strengthening.

This is a free service where you will have a consultation with our senior therapist, Ben Cunningham. In this appointment Ben will advise management strategies and if you request ongoing care then this will be charged as per our current rates. Worksafe and TAC clients will not be charged personally for any consultations.

Golfers Elbow Treatment & Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis and Golfers elbow is caused by repetitively using or overloading the muscles in your wrist. Often the pain is located at the elbow joint. At Action Rehab we aim to get you back to the sport and work as soon as possible. Treatment can include a wrist splint to rest the ‘irritated muscle, soft tissue massage and strengthening exercises to restore the strength and stability in your arm. Contact us today for your treatment.


Tennis Elbow


Lateral Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is inflammation of the tendon that extends the wrist. It is common in any job that requires repetitive bending of the wrist in a backward direction such as typing. The aim of therapy for this condition is to reduce pain by supporting the wrist and increasing strength in the wrist.

Sports Injuries

Sport is an integral part of many peoples lives. Injuries impact on the enjoyment and social aspect of sport and can sideline you for extended periods of time. The therapists at Action Rehab understand this and aim to manage your injuries with the least disruption to your sporting pursuits returning you to full function as soon as possible.


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