Scaphoid Fracture Treatment

Scaphoid Fracture Treatment:


Scaphoid fractures predominantly occur in young, active individuals, most commonly resulting from a fall on the outstretched hand. The scaphoid bone is the most important carpal bone in your wrist. Scaphoid fractures account for 79% of carpal fractures making it the most commonly injured bone in young adults.


Early diagnosis of scaphoid fractures is crucial


The hand therapists at Action Rehab are experienced in the assessment of scaphoid fracture injuries. To establish appropriate treatment and minimise complications it is important to see a hand therapist as soon as possible. Plain X-rays are considered to be the most effective form of initial investigation and we can refer you for these if you have not had them done already. Where a scaphoid fracture is not seen on x-ray it could be a radius fracture, other carpal fractures or soft tissue injury such as scapho-lunate ligament.


This is a free service where you will have a consultation with our senior therapist, Ben Cunningham. In this appointment Ben will advise management strategies and if you request ongoing care then this will be charged as per our current rates. Worksafe and TAC clients will not be charged personally for any consultations.

carpal tunnel syndrome causing pain in your wrist

A stable scaphoid fracture without displacement can be treated without surgery.

It is important to consult an expert hand therapist as soon as you suspect a scaphoid fracture or a fall on the outstretched hand as they can best assess the stability of the fracture and the need for immobilisation or surgery. Some scaphoid fractures do not require plaster and stable fractures may only require a wrist brace with no thumb immobilisation and no plaster required. There are cases where splinting as opposed to plaster casting can improve the healing of the fracture. Our therapists at Action Rehab are experienced in scaphoid fracture treatment and can offer you the best advice if you suspect you may have this injury.


Action Rehab provide assessment and treatment for all conditions relating to the upper limb, include scaphoid fractures. Come and see our highly qualified and friendly staff today at a location convenient to you.