Injuries Requiring Hand Therapy

05 Jan Injuries Requiring Hand Therapy

What is Hand Therapy?

Have you been referred to a hand therapist for an injury or medical condition? If you’re unsure as to what hand therapy is, let the team at Action Rehab break it down.

Hand therapy is focused on the various components of the hand and wrist. Focused on treatment, pain relief, and rehabilitation, hand therapy is designed to help patients regain maximum movement and use of their hand after injury, surgery, or diagnosis of a medical condition.

What kind of conditions is hand therapy ideal for?


Typically sustained through some type of trauma, finger fractures can cause a significant amount of pain. These can occur in sport, at work, or through the day to day incidents. If you think you’ve fractured your finger, make an appointment with the appropriate medical professional immediately.

Thumb Osteoarthritis

Occurring in the carpometacarpal joint (the thumb joint), this condition is a source of pain and discomfort. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common arthritis types where the joint lining is worn away over time, a condition we have experience creating treatment plans for. Arthritis can affect other joints throughout the body, so if you’re experiencing discomfort, stiffness, swelling, or reduced movement in your limbs, make an appointment with a medical professional.

Volar Plate Injury

Another likely result of sports or workplace misadventures, this injury occurs when your finger is hyperextended backwards. This causes the volar plate ligament to tear. Symptoms you may experience are swelling, a deformity at the joint, pain that is exacerbated by movement, and a limited range of movement.

Mallet Finger

This condition occurs when the extensor tendon ruptures, meaning that the finger is unable to be fully straightened. There is typically some pain and bruising ad the back of the finger joint. This may require X-Rays to properly diagnose and could require surgery if the injury is severe. If left untreated, the permanent deformity may occur.

Do I need a referral?

At Action Rehab, you don’t require a referral to visit one of our experienced hand therapists. Simply call our friendly team and we’ll book you in for your initial consultation.

Hand therapy at Action Rehab

We have been offering hand therapy treatment to clients that have been working with clients across Melbourne for many years, providing exceptional care and treatment.

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